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Hey there! So I’m guessing you have checked out my page because you are on the hunt to capture lasting memories of a special occasion or maybe you are just finally getting around to updating family pictures after years of not being able to get your husband to agree to them lol...because I get it ladies, men are not usually as much of a fan of these sessions as us women. I’m a wife and mom myself so I understand it on a personal level and understand the worry and stress leading up to a photo session...the fear that the kids won’t behave, that the husband will be grumpy, the anxiety of making sure all the wedding day details are in place on your special day, stressing if everyone will show up on time for the shoot. BUT, I can promise you, I understand it all. I’ve seen and dealt with all those personalities and I love getting to engage with all those unique qualities of my clients. So...if you are looking for a relaxed and fun photographer ready to capture your unique and exciting seasons in life AND make you feel at ease....well friends, I’m your gal. I really enjoy and have a passion to share your stories through pictures. 

With each session, I strive to provide a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for you and your loved ones. My goal is for you to have fun and laugh your way through our time together all while allowing me to capture your true and authentic self in each image. My hope is the images I capture for you and your family will be something you cherish and pass down for years to come. 🤍

Jeremiah 29:11
Best regards, Shauna